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Terms of Service

Digital Creations Inc Terms Of Service Last updated March 28, 2021 When you purchase a server be it an Audio or Web server you do hereby agree to the following: ALL SALES ARE FINAL NO REFUNDS You agree that you shall hold blameless for any loss of service or other issues not caused by […]

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Intro to SAMs Broadcaster Cloud

Are you interested in DJing? But really don’t have the computer that can handle the software? SAMs Broadcaster Cloud maybe the answer to all your problems. It is a complete cloud based solution that you can upload your music, news, etc to and play around the clock!

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SAMs Broadcaster Clockwheel Rotation

Do you need to walk away from your computer but want to continuously play your music? It can rotate thru your music library making sure not to play the same song more than you set it up to. Very easy to do.

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SAMs Broadcaster Setting up Encoders

Now you have SAMs Broadcaster Pro but don’t know how to be heard yet. Let’s setup something called encoders. These send your music over the internet to a shoutcast server such as the one you would buy from Digital Creations.

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VirtualDJ 2020 Overview

So you want more options than just SAMs Broadcaster Pro. VirtualDJ maybe your answer. Unlike SAMs, VirtualDJ can run on Mac and Windows. Some people have even gotten it to work in Linux but technically that is not supported. 

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